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Welcome to G & G Potatoes

Your Humble, Nutrient-Dense, Vegetable

Our Products

Fresh Cut Chips

Skin on Chips

Peeled Potatoes

Whole Skin On Potatoes

Our Process


1- Select the Potatoes


2- Peel Potatoes


3- Inspect Potatoes


4- Wash Potatoes


5- Slice and Cut Potatoes


6- Vacuum Seal


7- Keep Refrigerated


8- Deliver to your door

How we save your time and money

Cost Savings

No Potatoes Waste

Save Water

Save Electric

Save Staff Spending time peeling

Save money not blocking the drains

will save oil in your fryer lasting for longer


Naked Chips

G&G Potatoes is very reliable and has never let us down. They deliver fresh potatoes every day to all our branches and sometimes when we are too busy, they do emergency orders. We serve the best chips, so we must make sure that the best potatoes are supplied to us and that's what gg potatoes delivers for us all year round."

About Us

Welcome to GG Potatoes, we are the leading fresh potato supplier in London, with our extensive experience and knowledge we are delivering fresh potato products to various Restaurants, Pubs and Fast food shops across London Every single day! Yes even Sundays we understand that you can’t always predict how busy you will be so can trust us to deliver on time. Our state of the art warehouse based in East London is capable of processing over 10 tons of fresh potato products a day! Rest assured that we meticulously seletect and inspect all our potatoes so you are only receiving the highest quality.

Best Quality

We give you top quality patatos

On Time

We deliver in a record breaking time


Infinite ways of cooking

Taste Food

Fresh patatoes with a delicious taste.

Create Your Own Shape

At G&G we want every costumer to be happy, so, we give you the opportunity to create your own patato shape.

Please feel free to contact us be filling the form and tell us what shape do you want your potatos to be.

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